What is funk music – Best bands you should hear


Funk music became very popular during the 70s. It emerged from the nocturnal environment of the African-American communities in the United States as clever escorts will inform you. Some say that this genre is the evolution of earlier ones like jazz and soul. In any case, it has consolidated itself as a unique style and has outlined the path for dance music.

Featured elements of funk music

The earliest vestiges of funk music can be traced back to 1965. Songs like “Get Up Sex Machine” released on 1970 by James Brown finally consolidated this style as expert escorts will let you know. At that time, this genre combined spontaneity and improvisation in the execution of music, especially if you compare it with the rhythm of blues which was more predictable.

The funk sound is characterized by the bass which is combined with a typical stridency of the guitar. Both instruments contribute to create the typical syncopated base that can be heard in every part of each song.

However, as your acquainted Prague escort will tell you, the bass requires a great technical proficiency for the creation of melodic lines. They will constitute the basis for the arrangement of the rest of the instruments.

Best representatives of the genre

James Brown can be defined as the king of funk music. However on a commercial level, bands like Earth, Wind and Fire made a huge contribution to the expansion of the genre. Your intelligent Prague escort will comment you that this band is still one of the most booming of this style. Famous magazines have described its work as defined, ground-breaking and yet sensual.

This band is essentially the creation of Maurice White, a dreamer born in Memphis, Tennessee. His passion for astrology inspired him to choose the name of Earth, Wind and Fire.

From the beginning this band performed as a different soul representative compared with conventional artists. Smart ladies as those from the Escort Directory can talk you about the style of the group which has some faint connection with jazz although it is clearly rooted in the old rhythms of blues.

Each work of this band reflects a fundamental combination of white influences and black rhythms. These are already evident in artists like Chicago and Santana and enriched by the contribution of Steve Wonder and Miles Davis. They have provided the foundation for Earth, Wind and Fire. Such styles were sprinkled by the stimulus of the hippy philosophy of the 60s.

Another important representative of funk music is the band known as Jackson 5. Your favorite Prague escort has an extensive knowledge of this group. She will inform you that it was constituted by five brothers raised in Indiana; one of which was Michael who would later become the greatest pop star.

The band received an initial boost from their father, Joe Jackson, who enjoyed a period of local fame by playing blues with the local group known as The Falcons. He overturned his artistic ambitions on his children.

The first success of the band was the song “I want you back”, released at the end of the 70s. Witty escorts will tell you that it was characterized for a fresh style with an almost magical touch.